Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brice Long sings Anything Goes when Everything's Gone.MPG

You Have To Watch This! Cutest Kid Rockin Out to Randy Houser's" Boots On"

It's Me and Randy Houser

Would you freaking believe it not even a week after I decided to start my new "It's Me And" blog, who do I run into at a kick-ass new wine bar downtown?   Randy Houser.   If you are a not a country-musciphile, Randy Houser is the guy who sings "Going out with my Boots On".  The irony of that is I almost ALWAYS wear my boots when I go out, because they are so darned comfortable and because boots rock, and wouldn't you know it, the evening I meet Mr. Houser I had heels on.  Damn, missed opportunity.The video for this song has the adorable little kid, Drake, singing along to the song playing a mini guitar (this video is posted at the above this entry). 

Randy Houser also sings "Anything Goes when Everything's Gone".  I actually have video of the guy who wrote that song, Brice Long,  singing it at one of my other favorite places The Listening Room Cafe.  That video is  also posted before this entry.  Isn't Nashville just great? 

(FYI - The new awesome wine bar downtown is called Wild Bills.  It's such a juxtaposition because the guy the owns it also owns a chopper shop and one half is a little cafe with burgers, fries and beignets and the other half is this sophisticated wine bar with this really unique wine tasting set-up).  The pic below is me and the songwriter Brice Long.   So let me add... It's Me And Brice Long.